Non-profit pilgrims Hostel on the French Camino to Santiago

Latest renovation in 2021

Our values: hospitality and care, respect for diversity, culture and tradition.

We share the Camino with you.

We are open all year, and taking the covid precautions, limited capacity



Community dinner and breakfast

Pilgrims have the chance to participate to a healthy and tasty community dinner with local products  - Vegan friendly

Kitchen for pilgrims

In our kitchen you will find everything you need for cooking, as well as a coffee and drink machines.

But it is not only a place where to regain strength in order to keep walking; it is also a place to share the way by the fireplace or a dinner with other pilgrims.


3 rooms of 10 beds each with bathroom included

Parking bikes and Patio

Patio with laundry room and covered clotheslines.

Optional washing machine.

Bicycle parking where you can safely leave your bike under cover.

Information about the Camino

In the albergue you can find all the necessary information to continue the journey and get the pilgrim credential.

Contact and reservations

8 + 6 =

How to get there

Services in Hornillos

Grocery store

3 restaurants with bar

Church with holy mass and blessing of piglrims.

International Volunteering

Volunteering and cultural exchange on the Camino de Santiago.

Do you want to be a volunteer hospital host?

You can do it through email: